How you can help

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Donate to the IRCT for a world without torture

By making a donation to the IRCT you are helping torture victims heal their mental and physical wounds, holding torturers accountable for their crimes and enabling us to work towards reaching our ultimate goal – a world without torture.

Visit our donation page at the IRCT site for more information on how you can help.

Share information with friends and families

Check out these videos by us and our supporters on the work of World Without Torture and the IRCT. Share them with friends and family to spread the message and assist with our mission – to bring healing and rehabilitation to the survivors of torture around the world.

A new short film on the work of the IRCT in documenting torture in the case of Khaled Said, the ‘face of the revolution’ in Egypt, preventing torture, and the rehabilitation of torture victims worldwide. Also available in Spanish, French, and Arabic.

A 2008 IRCT micro-film invites people to engage in “erasing” torture from our world. It calls for the eradication of torture and celebrates the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on 26 June. Also available in French, Spanish, Arabic, German, and Danish.

A video featuring IRCT Secretary General Brita Sydhoff explaining the work of the IRCT.

The winning entry in the 2011 Micro-Film Competition for 26 June, the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, from TEDSmithPhotography.


“This world is not the horrible place that those perpetrators showed me.” Click ‘like’ and share to support the rehabilitation of torture survivors, and read Italia’s full story here.

Torture is horrific. Healing is possible. Celebrate 10 December Human Rights Day for the right to a World Without Torture. Please share to spread the message.

“Torture is practiced in more than 90% of all countries in all regions of the world; big or small, dictatorship or democracy.” With such a pervasive crime, let’s stand up for the survivors of torture and ensure they regain as full a life as possible. Click ‘like’ and share this message. Photo by Annarita Migliaccio photographe

If people and politicians would only know what goes on inside prisons, they would feel very differently. If they only knew of the amount of torture hidden behind prison walls, it might stop.
Please click like & share to spread this message against torture.

Join other supporters, organisation and torture fighters around the world on 26 June

26 June – the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture – is our day. It’s the day for the survivors and victims of torture, the families of victims, for their supporters and friends, and for all the human rights activists and global torture fighters to come together and take a stand. To show support for those who have undergone these horrible crimes. To take a stand against impunity and fight for justice. To show that healing is possible and rehabilitation is a right.

Visit our campaign tools site for help, ideas, and resources for your campaign against torture or for the 26th of June next year.

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