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Just last month, on 25 September, attendees at an indie rock concert in Cairo raised a rainbow flag, making a rare sign of support to the marginalized LGBTI community there.  Now, the police have arrested over 30 men and women in connection with the act for “promoting sexual deviancy” and “debauchery”.

While homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt, individuals suspected of LGBTI are still often targeted and even imprisoned on these ridiculous charges. And last month not only have people been arrested and charged, but at least 5 men have also been subjected to forced anal examinations.

These examinations, based on defunct and discriminatory 1800s science, where a medical personnel sticks his or her finger(s) or objects into an individual’s anus to measure laxity to gauge if the person is habituated to anal intercourse, has just been condemned by the World Medical Association (WMA) on 17 October 2017. At its 68th General Assembly it adopted a resolution condemning forced anal examinations to substantiate same-sex sexual activity as unscientific, futile, and a form of torture or cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) welcomes this important resolution, which recognizes the valuable work of the Independent Forensic Expert Group, an international hub of expertise, comprising thirty-five preeminent experts from eighteen countries, specialised in forensic investigation and documentation of torture and ill-treatment. The IRCT serves as its Secretariat and urges all national medical associations as well as other relevant bodies to swiftly implement the recommendations from the WMA.

Because of our leadership on this issue and taking advantage of our pool of knowledge on the health-based consequences of torture, the IRCT is currently coordinating with Human Rights Watch and local activists on the ground to raise awareness of the pervasive oppression of LGBTI persons in Egypt, increase international and national pressure on the government of Egypt to cease their illegal harassment of these individuals. Our ultimate goal with this work is to convince the Egyptian government to repudiate the invasive and harmful practice of anal examinations as well as stop the policing and punishing of individuals based on their sexual identity and orientation.

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